"I love her vocals . . . so haunting, so relaxing, she can seduce anyone with those vocals. . . . with this gem of a vocalist, its all perfect."

Meghan Monroe’s recent, six, single releases have garnered worldwide audiences, fans, and attention resulting in large numbers of downloads, streams, inclusion on global and national playlist compilations, radio fans and audience raves.  Two of her songs have been individually recognized as one of the best new songs by an independent, female artist.  

All four of her soon to be released, new songs earned fantastic recognition.  The first song received an excellent crowd review that honored her as featured artist and song on  Another secured spotlight placement as the only rock song/artist on a global playlist compilation with global distribution in 1200 digital outlets in 120+ countries.  Two others were selected and featured on radio and podcast programming the day they were completed in the studio.  All of her songs continue to be selected for and showcased on a variety of global programming while consistently increasing her worldwide fanbase.

An adult contemporary singer, recording artist, pianist, and songwriter, Meghan’s songs range from soft pop; contemporary R&B; dance pop with Latin, Cuban flavors; smooth jazz; to rock/blues, and gospel/blues/rock mix. Meghan’s distinguishing feature--throughout her wide vocal range from rich alto to high soprano notes--is her soulful, emotional, vocal textures fused with tender, sultry subtly that spans skillfully and authentically across several genres.

The evocative nature of Meghan’s style--her vocal richness, allure, varied tonal colors and emotional flavors, combined with her diverse, genre range--lends itself to bewitching, intriguing songs and performances.  Her music also sets and reinforces distinct, intriguing moods, emotions, and sounds that captivate and enthrall for films, television, and commercials.

Meghan’s a highly skilled vocalist, having studied with famous, Los Angeles vocal coach and singer Rosemary Butler (Albums: Rose and Just Watch Me. Back up vocalist for Jackson Browne, Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Bette Midler, Ray Charles, and Tina Turner) and Nashville’s Renee Grant Williams (singing coach to Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill.)

In addition to English, Meghan sings in Spanish, French, and Latin. She’s trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance, as well as hip-hop, salsa, the tango, and karate. She continues studies in piano, incorporating classical piano into her skillset that influences her chord structures in her songwriting and composing.  Meghan's commitment to continually refining and enlarging her repertoire, combined with her intuitive, natural touch emanate in the beautiful, stirring, dynamic sound she draws from the piano when she plays--no matter the genre.

Although singing, piano playing, and songwriting are her main focus and passion, Meghan also plays the alto saxophone, cello, and the cajon as well as other percussive instruments.

Meghan’s a natural performer who loves being on stage captivating audiences’ imaginations and entertaining with her distinct fashion and style, alluring and palpable authenticity, musical and physical prowess, and soulful, sultry sound.

Meghan’s also an accomplished businesswoman, writer, multimedia producer/director, and fashionista.  She incorporates them all into her artistic brand as a singer.

Previously Meghan produced and directed large, multimedia, cross platform projects for corporations as well as international, creative, boutique agencies in the entertainment and technology industries working for companies such as Microsoft, Disney, Intel, and Revelations Entertainment. She’s written, directed, and produced animation and fiction shorts, commercials, as well as documentaries.

Meghan received her Master of Professional Writing degree at the University of Southern California and has written a novel, several scripts, plays, and short stories. She’s also a published poet, fiction, and non-fiction writer. She earned her BA in film and animation production at The Evergreen State College.

Meghan’s early passion for popular and classical music, film soundtracks, as well as blues and jazz often inspire the structure and soul of her writing, singing, dance choreography, film and media projects.

Her experience in writing, dance, martial arts, filmmaking, her enthusiasm for multilingualism, striking style and physicality, as well as her desire to connect with and love of people--locally and globally--influence her singing, piano playing, performing, and songwriting--emerging as a beguiling, charismatic, evocative, sultry, sensual, soulful, hypnotic performer and artist. 



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